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The Hidden Life of Coots

In a well-hidden place, there is a well-hidden flock of animals. They swim, dive, eat, they follow, they chase away each other. They form a community and their daily routine, all without being noticed or documented. Relying on water to commute, they can barely take off, which makes them the only birds that flock in 2 dimensions. From ground level, they look nothing as interesting as the swans, merely a dark group of waterfowl floating in dark water. But from above, the water turns crisp green, and one can see how they organically follow each other to form an amazing pattern.

I am fascinated by those birds every time I watch the footage. I am grateful to my husband, the photographer, whose love to wild life and nature brought us to this clip.

Hope you like the music I made especially for “The Hidden Life of Coots”. Visitors from China please go to Skypixel to see this film.

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