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Monica Xiao | Piano Music Posts

My favorite music piece at all times has 2 thumbs up on YouTube.

It is a big world.

Let’s hear some echos.

The story is, when I was in Norway the first time as a visitor, I met a jazz musician Dag Arnesen who was playing at a Sino-Norge event. He was not very interested in socializing with the politicians, and he gave me one of his CD “Norwegian Songs” which he prepared for the “important” people in the event. He probably had no idea how many times I had listened to it since then. “Arietta” was my favorite among the songs. It had 2, now 3 likes on YouTube through the years.

Not trying to compete with him now or anytime in the future, here is my interpretation of Edvard Greg’s Arietta.

A Typical 12-day Birth of My Compositions

Day 1: made a short phrase as a motivation of a song.

Day 2: extended the phrase into a minute long section.

Day 3: got stuck at the end of the minute section.

Day 4: got stuck at the end of the minute section.

Day 5: continue the composition with a second section.

Day 6: got stuck at the end of the second section.

Day 7: decided that the first section is not as good as the second, abandon the first section.

Day 8: develop the second section by 3 variable repeats.

Day 9: complete the composition and fix the tempo.

Day 10: listening millions of times to check if there is a flaw in the audio.

Day 11: after some sleep, listen again to check for flaws in the audio.

Day 12: publishing the work here.


The Hidden Life of Coots

In a well-hidden place, there is a well-hidden flock of animals. They swim, dive, eat, they follow, they chase away each other. They form a community and their daily routine, all without being noticed or documented. Relying on water to commute, they can barely take off, which makes them the only birds that flock in 2 dimensions. From ground level, they look nothing as interesting as the swans, merely a dark group of waterfowl floating in dark water. But from above, the water turns crisp green, and one can see how they organically follow each other to form an amazing pattern.

I am fascinated by those birds every time I watch the footage. I am grateful to my husband, the photographer, whose love to wild life and nature brought us to this clip.

Hope you like the music I made especially for “The Hidden Life of Coots”. Visitors from China please go to Skypixel to see this film.

Noise or? Another recorder video

It was a nightmare for somebody. That is why it ended up in the thrift store and got sold for 2 bucks 4 years ago.

Wow, 4 years, and I still call myself a beginner player. To be fair, the only chance I get to practice the recorder is when Sz and I are on a trip somewhere in the nature and he is busy doing his photography, which means I had very little time into learning this instrument, and I am not a genius.

A few days ago, I picked up this flute tune from Claude Bolling’s Suite for Flute. It is really beautiful, and it fits into my soprano’s normal sound range.Higher than that, it would become pure noise.

So here is the video we shot on the weekend in Parc Miribel and Villars les Dombes

There are so many complaints about the sound of the soprano recorders from people who have kids, because the sopranos tend to sound extremely squeaky when played by the inexperienced. I have been trying to play it in a pleasant way, but today I came across this guy and he has totally blown my mind. He is a musician on YouTube who got popular by making fun of the soprano recorder.

Just so you know, he is a serious musician and a comedian. On purpose, he made it sound horrible and off-key, but deeper inside of me it seems the sound does sync with the character, and it tells me who he is: a happy, no-fuksgiving hobbit.

Unfortunately, I am just like the million+ viewers who would rather watch this funny video many times, than watch his more serious music videos.